Rosie Rockets

A 29 year old Artist living and working in Lincoln, UK


Rosie is a Lincolnshire based artist working mostly in acrylic and mixed media. She is fascinated by portraiture and mark making, combining both for dynamic visual results.

After graduating with a degree in Fine Art from Lincoln University in 2010, she managed Lincoln Art Works gallery from 2011-2014. She now works from her home studio in the city. She was lucky enough to paint two of the barons of The Baron Charter Trail in 2015, one of which now resides in The Lincoln Hotel, and the other at the university. More recently, she painted the Knight of the Skies for the Lincoln Knight’s Trail, 2017.

Rosie also cant resist the challenge of alternative materials, enjoying making art out of anything she can get her hands on, from coffee, pumpkins and snow, to aluminium cans…etc. This results in very a eclectic personal collection.

(Please click the links on the left menu to browse)


She is currently accepting commissions of all sorts 

please contact here to enquire

Thank you


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