Rosie Rockets

A 29 year old Artist living and working in Lincoln, UK

7 Days of Self 2018

The wonderful Rick Nunn started uploading to YouTube recently. From this, I knew great things would happen. If you haven’t heard of ‘Seven Days of Self’ yet, I’m sure you … Continue reading

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Not so long ago, a fresh and local group of creatives was formed, sprouting up on social media and refusing to be ignored! They call themselves WITA: Women in the … Continue reading

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Working with Linney

I was recently asked if I’d like to be part of a film project for media company Linney as part of the company’s Y Magazine. Knowing of the filmmaker Daryl’s … Continue reading

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There are few things I enjoy more than when I’m ‘allowed’ to paint on new and exciting things! Whether that be someone’s skin, satchels and suitcases, guitars, a bombshell, a … Continue reading

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The sight-seeing’s on the wall

Since I’d had the opportunity to paint comic book characters on a storage room wall at my old studio, I’d always wanted to work somewhere on a larger scale that … Continue reading

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Inktober 2017

This is the second year that I’ve taken part in Inktober and after the success of last year’s efforts I thought I’d stick to the same recipe… I posted 4 … Continue reading

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Everyone needs a little Space

For me, there has always been something about the moon that fascinates and inspires. Perhaps because I’m a night owl and work best once the moon is out, perhaps because … Continue reading

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